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Why Everyone Wants To Be A Gucci Girl

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With the launch of the Gucci Beauty Instagram account and the expectation of a make-up line launching soon (fingers and toes crossed) Gucci has added another perfume to its successful Bloom range. Nettare Di Fiori makes up the Bloom trilogy and joins Alessandro Michele’s first female fragrance line for Gucci. Created with nose Alberto Morillas, it’s different to the first two fragrances; Bloom and Bloom Acqua di Fiori.

Morillas described it as “more feminine” at the launch in Florence: “it’s more of a dream, it’s mysterious". It’s a chypre floral scent that’s woodier than its Bloom siblings with ginger, rose, patchouli and musk. “It’s not for day or night. It’s like Alessandro’s Gucci collection pieces, you can wear it day or night if you want to. He’s a genius.” The two work very closely together and when Michele decides on a concept, Morillas is called in to help realise and interpret his vision for the fragrance. When it comes to the sampling stages, Morillas explains, “Alessandro enjoys it so much when I send him my work. He stops what he is doing and takes an hour to enjoy my interpretation of this beautiful moment.”


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